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Adoption Research

If you were adopted and would like to trace your birth family, Karen can undertake a search for you. From the smallest piece of information (perhaps just your own original birth certificate), no matter how old, a living relative can usually be found. Many adoptees have been reunited with birth relatives as a result of Karen’s research and no stone is left unturned,

Working together with a registered Adoption Support Agency the results of her research can be sent to your agency – they will then tell you what has been found and make an approach to your living relatives. If you are not currently receiving support from an agency, Karen can supply details.

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The application form should be printed, completed and sent with your deposit.

Due to adoption legislation that came into force* in 2006, adoption counselling, support and intermediary services can be undertaken only by registered Adoption Support Agencies.

For more information about Adoption Support Agencies visit: Direct Gov

*Adoption Support Agencies (England) and Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2005

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Tracing Relatives

Standard Search - lost touch 20 years or less
Databases for UK residents and records of births, marriages and deaths will be searched for the person you are seeking. Results will be extracted and relevant certificates ordered. Information and documents will be supplied, together with advice on how to make contact. A copy of The People Finder is available free of charge upon request with the Standard Search option. If the search is complex, or the name of the person sought is very common, a Complete Search may be required.

Complete Search
This service helps you to find a relative anywhere in the UK. A thorough investigation is carried out to locate the person you are seeking, however long ago you lost touch. Your relative will usually be contacted in advance to verify their identity, or advice can be given if you want to make direct contact. The balance will be payable upon successful completion of a Complete Search.

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Testimonials from Clients

Dear Karen
I am delighted to inform you that through your search I have traced my wife's cousin and her husband. the family lost contact over 40 years ago and had been trying to get in touch. Thanks to you a family reunion is already being planned to catch up on all those missed years. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.
Mr M. J. Coles, Hertfordshire

Dear Karen
Thank you so much for all you have done for us. it was lovely to belong again and to meet our mother. it went perfectly, it was as though we were never strangers.
Joyce and Edna, Oxford

Dear Karen
Thank you very much for your assistance in tracing my granny. I will definitely recommend you to others.
HK, Gloucestershire

Dear Karen Bali
Last year you assisted me in tracing my birth mother. I am pleased to tell you that I have made contact wither and we have formed an ongoing relationship. many thanks for all your help in making this possible.
Kind regards, Peter M, Kent

Dear Karen
Just a line to say many, many thanks. i have made contact with my father and we have spoken endlessly by phone. he is coming to stay soon.
best wishes, Anita M, Somerset

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